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‘Learn to Play… Play to Learn.’

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The School Day

A typical session at Henry Allen Nursery School:


9.10/12.10 - children arrive at the Nursery and are supported to hang up coats and wash their hands before getting busy in their classroom. 


9.35/12.30 - children take part in a short carpet session with their Key Person.


9.50/12.45 - children are able to free flow throughout the Nursery, both indoors and outdoors. Children will engage in child initiated and adult led activities. Snack is available to all children during this time.  Snack includes fresh fruit or vegetables, a cracker and milk or water.  Children wash their hands after using the toilet and before snack time and lunch club.


11.40/2.40 - children come together in their class groups for a short reflection on their morning/afternoon at Nursery. They will also participate in singing, fun phonic activities and group stories.


12.10/3.10 - Home time. Staff will open the door ten minutes prior to these times, so that they can speak to parents if necessary.



Session Times


Morning sessions at Henry Allen begin at 9.10am, and end at 12.10pm.Afternoon sessions begin at 12.10pm and end at 3.10pm.


We also offer: 


Breakfast Club 8:30 - 9:10 £4.50

Lunch Club  12:10 - 1:00  £4.50

After-school club  3:10 - 4:00  £6.50

see our clubs page


Children are welcome to attend for 5 morning or 5 afternoon sessions or you can opt for a mixture of full and half days.  Parents may pay for additional sessions, if available, which currently cost £20.00.  30 hours funded children attend from 9.10 until 3.10.


Full day sessions are available for 3-4 year-olds and 2-year-olds at the discretion of the staff.