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Local Area Visits



Local trips and experiences can have a significant impact on our learning and development. These experiences can be powerful because they allow us to see and experience things in a more tangible way than we might through learning at school. Local trips and experiences can also be more meaningful and memorable because they are often tied to our personal experiences and interests.


When we engage in local trips and experiences, we can make connections between what we learn in the classroom and what we see and experience in the real world. This can help us to better understand and remember important concepts and ideas, and to apply them in practical and relevant ways.


Moreover, local trips and experiences can help us to develop important life skills such as communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking. By experiencing different places and cultures, we are exposed to different perspectives and ways of thinking, which can help us to become more adaptable and flexible in our thinking.

Core experiences are evidenced in the above wheel, which highlight our opportunities for exploration, awe and wonder. Regular visits within the local area, and opportunities to invite visitors into our setting, enhance the children’s opportunity to learn about and become active members of the community of Amersham. It may involve trips to the library, local park, shops, restaurants, care homes and places of worship. 


Overall, regular visits to local places and opportunities to invite visitors into the classroom can be a great way to enhance children's learning and engagement with their community. By following appropriate guidelines and procedures, educators can help ensure that these experiences are safe, enjoyable, and meaningful for all involved. 


The Henry Allen guidelines are in the document below and identify the local areas and places we will visit without a risk assessment and which is covered by a generic local area trip letter.



Off site School Journey Insurance


Insurance for Henry Allen Nursery is covered under the Core Package Scheme with Buckinghamshire County Council.