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Breakfast, Lunch and After-School Club

All our clubs are run by the staff at Henry Allen, so it is an easy transition for any of our children.  Please ring and book a place at least a day before the club is required.


Breakfast club, lunch club and after-school club are added at the staff’s discretion as and when the child is settled during their core hours.

Costs of add-on sessions:


  • Breakfast Club 8:30am - 9:10am

£4.50 per session

Our  breakfast club provides a healthy breakfast for children, alongside activities that they can take part in before school. The morning rush to leave the house is often the most stressful part of the day for parents of nursery age children. Making sure everyone is up, washed, dressed and has had a decent breakfast can be an uphill struggle, and if you’re trying to get to work yourself, it can be even more fraught.

But families who send their children to a before-school breakfast club are some of the calmest and least stressed, according to new research from Kellogg’s. It shows that parents whose children go to these clubs are less likely to feel tired and overwrought in the mornings – and their children benefit, too!

Breakfast club takes place in the main nursery daily - it is a great start to the day!


If you are struggling to give your child an adequate breakfast or your child is entitled to pupil premium, please talk to your child's key person and we will ensure your child has an unpaid breakfast club place.


  • Lunch Club  12:10 pm - 1:00 pm

£4.50 per session

You can opt to add a lunch club to lengthen the school day if your child is funded for 15 hours (it is part of the school day for 30 hours-funded children.) 

Children bring their packed lunch and sit together in our main nursery.  It is an important part of the day, developing the children's social skills and self-help skills, and they are carefully looked after by the nursery staff.  Our staff eat alongside the children, making the atmosphere warm and nurturing, encouraging good table manners and conversation. Many parents opt for lunch clubs in preparation for starting primary school.


  • After-School Club  3:10 pm - 4:00 pm  

£6.50 per session

Our after-school club offers a range of activities for the children, who have the run of the nursery during this time.

Children might play board games, cook, engage in creative activities or play in the garden. Relax in the knowledge that your child is happy and well looked after in the nursery environment. Light snacks and drinks are offered. 


  • Extra Nursery Sessions

Nursery fees per session are £25.00 per 3-hour session 

Do ask If you need any extra sessions and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.  We offer great flexibility in sessions, for example, children entitled to 15 hours can opt for two full days and a morning. If you are looking to add additional sessions, please speak to the office.