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Home Learning Matters

Chat, Play, Read



The benefits to your child learning more than one language are huge.

• Talk and play with your child in the language that you feel most comfortable and confident using.

• Sing, read and tell stories in your home language ⎯ rhyme and repetition help your child to remember words.

• Home languages give your child a connection to their culture and heritage. Encourage your child to use all their languages – they will feel closer to people and part of their community.



 Play helps children learn about the world and themselves. Children need time and space to play freely. Sometimes it is helpful if you sensitively join in with your child’s play, too.

• Children need outdoor play.

• Play is essential for your child’s wellbeing and development. It is part of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989).

• There are many everyday moments like bath time and dinner that you can make playful. Help your child to learn in a fun and relaxed way.



Sharing books and telling stories is a lovely way to build closeness and encourage conversations.

• Sharing books with your child at a young age will help them to develop a love of reading.

• Read and share stories with your baby.

• Talk to your child about what is happening in the pictures.

• Young children love to hear and read their favourite books and stories again and again.