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To enable you to plan for the next academic year, please find term dates on the calendar section of the website. In addition, I would like to remind you of our attendance procedures.


Leave of Absence

Schools are no longer expected to authorise any term time leave of absence unless there are specific and exceptional circumstances that we have been notified of as soon they come to light. Where possible this needs to be at least one month prior to the absence.

Please continue to request any absence as far in advance as possible so we have the opportunity to discuss with you if required. Although it is not statutory for children of Nursery school age to be in education, please remember children are funded by the county council for the majority of their sessions. In cases of persistent absence, school will monitor the child’s attendance. This will be followed up with a discussion with parents/carers to decide whether the child requires all of their sessions.


Attendance routine

Children need to be in school and on time every day to ensure they have the best possible opportunity to fulfil their potential. The school day starts at 9.10am/12.10pm and finishes at 12.10pm/3.10pm.

Notification of illness must be made as soon as possible on the first day of absence and the reason made clear. If school is unaware of the reason for absence we will contact the family on the first day of absence.  Where possible, please make routine medical and other appointments outside of school hours or during school holidays. If there are any issues affecting your child’s attendance please do contact the school.


Charlie Macdonald / Julie Manning