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Starting Nursery and settling in

Settling in


We need your help with this settling in process and ask you to set aside time to spend with us when your child is starting nursery. This is important for your child so that they have the opportunity to get to know and trust new adults and children, for you to see how the nursery works and to be familiar with the things that your child may talk about at home.


We always visit you at home for a  home visit before your child starts at Henry Allen Nursery.  This gives your child the opportunity to spend time with and get to know their key person.  It also allows parents to ask any questions and also pass on those crucial snippets of information that may make settling in easier, for example, if your child has a passion for trains - we will ensure the trains are put out on day one!


On the first day in the main nursery, you will need to stay with your child. This visit will be for one hour. Some children may find a whole session too long at first. When your child is ready, and it will differ from child to child, you can begin to leave them for longer periods. Your child’s time in nursery will gradually build up over a few days when they are ready. Children starting in the Warren, aged 2, will have two settling-in sessions where parents stay with them for an hour, before starting to leave them. 


We feel it is important for parents/carers to always tell the child when they are leaving and to say goodbye. Never ‘disappear’ while your child is distracted. They are likely to be shocked and frightened and may lose their trust in you. Please try not to get anxious or impatient if the settling in period takes a while. Our experience has shown that it is important not to rush this stage. The longer you invest in this stage the better the settling in process is for both yourselves and your child. We understand parents and carers have to work and we will support you and your work pattern. 


Around three weeks after starting at Nursery your child's key person will arrange an informal meeting with you to discuss how they are settling into Nursery. This is an opportunity to highlight strengths and identify next steps in your child's development. 


Children who attend Henry Allen Nursery School do not have to wear school uniform.  However, the PTA sells the following, which parents are welcome to purchase:


T-shirts in a variety of colours - £6.50

Sweatshirts in navy - £10

Draw-string bags - £3

School Bags

Accidents happen!  We provide a Henry Allen school bag for all children in the main nursery which has plenty of space for a change of clothes and any other essential items. This will stay at Nursery on their allocated peg. 

Children in the Warren are asked to bring their own bagswith a change of clothes., which will be taken home after each session. 

Book Bags


All the children are given a purple book bag to bring to and from school.  Everyone gets the opportunity to choose a book weekly.  Parents/carers are invited once a week to stay for the first 5-10 minutes of the session to share a story with their child.  Their room will be resourced with books for you to choose.  You and your child may select a book you would like to borrow for the week to share at home.