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‘Learn to Play… Play to Learn.’

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Ofsted and Data Performance

We welcomed an OFSTED inspection team on 31st January 2023 and the full report is accessed below.


"Leaders are ambitious for all children. The school’s vision, ‘learn to play – play to learn’, is thoughtfully implemented across every curriculum area. As a result, children develop high levels of confidence and independence. Leaders succeed in their determination for the school to be inclusive. The specific needs of children are exceptionally well considered. Trips, such as visits to local farms, are for everyone."


"Leaders give opportunities for children to develop an appreciation of culture. Children are well prepared for the next stage of their learning. Children behave kindly to each other. They follow well-established routines willingly. This ensures a calm and safe learning environment. On the rare occasions when someone is unkind, adults quickly provide helpful support. Children play happily together, and they learn to share. They understand the rules. For example, they know that they need to tidy away equipment after using it."

Ofsted Report January 31st 2023