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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors' section.
Picture 1 Sue Skinner - Executive Headteacher
Picture 2 Karen Bates - Chair of Governors
Picture 3 Catherine Holdsworth - Vice Chair, EYPP
Picture 4 Charlie Macdonald - Co-opted
Picture 5 Emma Lad - Policies
Picture 6 Lindsay Dixon - SEND
Picture 7 Graham Dolan - Finance, Premises, Personnel
Picture 8 Linda Rose - Finance, Premises, Personnel
Picture 9 Lisa Latchford - Child Protection
Picture 10 Anita Boekee - Co-opted Governor
Picture 11 Glynn Laffan - Staff Governor

School Governance

This is currently carried out by a Governing Body. Members of the Governing Body make important decisions about the school for example teaching & learning, safeguarding, policies, recruitment, building & premises, health & safety and financial & budgetary matters.  They ensure the nursery is governed in accordance with legal requirements and they support and challenge the Headteacher.


If you would like to know more or are interested in being a Parent Governor, please let the Headteacher know.


2019 / 2020 Governor Information


  Category end date Office Finance, Premises & Personnel Pupil Progress HR related Pupil discipline
No of members 12     6 6 3 3
Sue Skinner Head 31/08/2025   X x Committee to be made up of 3 non-staff governors who have no prior knowledge of the case.
Karen Bates LA 17/09/2021 Chair/Per Man X  
Glynn Laffan ST 17/09/2021      
Catherine Wright PA 30/09/2021     x
vacancy PA        
Lindsay Dixon CO 17/09/2021 SEND   Vice Chair
Catherine Holdsworth CO 17/09/2021 Vice Chair/EYPP/ Per Man   Chair
Lisa Latchford CO 17/09/2021 Child Protection X  
Charlotte Macdonald CO 17/09/2021     X
Linda Rose CO 17/09/2021 Dev X  
Anita Boekee CO 31/10/2022     X
Graham Dolan Ass     Chair      
Emma Lad Ass 17/09/2021 Policies   X    
Julia Collins obs     X      
Dawn Raphael obs     X      
Zoe Staines obs       X    
Linda Lyons obs       X    
Growing Together Federation   
 Governor Attendance 2018-19  
  Name Committee membership 03-Oct 17-Oct 07-Nov 16-Jan 06-Feb 20-Mar 27-Mar 08-May 22-May 10-Jul end date
FPP Pupil FGB Pupil FPP FGB Pupil FPP FGB FPP Pupil FGB  
HT Sue Skinner Y Y  /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /    Aug-25
LA Karen Bates (Chair) Y    /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /    Sep-21
ST Glynn Laffan      /  x x AR x x  /  x x   Sep-21
PA Sarah Chick     x x x  /  x x  /  x x   Jan-21
PA vacancy     vac x x vac x x vac x x vac filled for Sept 19
CO Catherine Holdsworth (Vice Chair)   Chair  /   /  x  /   /  x  /  x AR   Sep-21
CO Charlie Macdonald   Y AR  /  x  /   /  x AR x  /    Sep-21
CO Anita Boekee   Y  /  AR x  /   /  x  /  x AR   Oct-22
CO Jim Lee Vice chair   AR x AR  /  x AR AR resigned from FGB     Sep-21
CO Linda Rose Y    /  x AR  /  x  /   /   /  x   Sep-21
CO Lindsay Dixon   Vice chair  /   /  x AR  /  x  /  x  /    Sep-21
CO Lisa Latchford     AR x x  /     /   /  AR     Sep-21
Ass Emma Lad (Policies)   Y x  /  x x  /  x x x  /    Sep-21
Ass Graham Dolan (Finance) Chair    /  x  /   /  x  /  AR  /  x   Sep-21
  12 voting members   % attendance 58 86 60 75 100 83 75 80 71    
FGB Full Governing Body meeting                          
FPP Finance, Premises and Personnel Committee                      
Pupil Pupil Progress Committee                          
 /  Present   x                      
x Not required to attend                          
AR Apologies received and accepted                          
  Associate Members do not need to attend FGB and are not included in attendance %              
  Graham  changed to CO following Jim's resignation                      

Governors are asked to declare any pecuniary interest.  

  • Mrs Skinner is Executive Headteacher at Henry Allen, Bowerdean and Mapledean  Nursery Schools in the Growing Together Federation.
  • Mrs Macdonald is a governor at Hyde Heath Infant School
  • Mrs Dixon and  Mrs Holdswoth and Mrs Wright all  have children currently attending Nurseries within the Federation