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Mrs Susan Skinner - Executive Headteacher


Mrs Charlie Macdonald - Deputy Headteacher, Squirrel class teacher and SENCO

Mrs Julie Manning - Hedgehog class teacher


Mrs Sue Bruton-Lacey - Nursery Nurse (Squirrel and Badger)

Mrs Debra Harasyn - Nursery Nurse (Hedgehog and Badger)

Mrs Christine Wallman - Nursery Nurse  (Rabbits)

Mrs Manjit Sagoo - Nursery Nurse (Rabbits), lunch club

Mrs Kimberley Wooldridge - Nursery Nurse (Rabbits) 


Mrs Lynette Kershaw-Green - Learning Support Assistant (Rabbits)

Miss Olivia Lennon - Classroom Assistant (Squirrel, Rabbits), lunch club

Mrs Jenny Little - Special Support Assistant (Rabbits)

Mrs Sam Sharp - Special Support Assistant (Rabbits), lunch club

Mrs Clare Taylor - Classroom Assistant (Hedgehogs), lunch club

Mrs Kelly Warwick - Classroom Assistant, Lunch Club Assistant


Mrs Julia Collins - Secretary/Bursar, lunch club